Dedicated ‘Beat Saber’ Machine to Hit VR Arcades in South Korea & China – Road to VR

Beat Games, the Czech Republic-based indie developers behind smash hit rhythm game Beat Saberare aiming to make a big splash in Asia with a newly revealed dedicated arcade machine.

The cabinet was created in partnership with SKonec Entertainment, a Seoul-based company that recently opened a VR multiplex called VR SQUARE.

The arcade cabinet itself features a monitor for spectating, an overhead cable management system, and appears to be powered by a Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headset, as evidenced by an image reported by Korean publication MK News.

Image courtesy MK News

The developers say in a recent tweet that the arcade machine’s public debut will begin this September at KVRF in Seoul, and the GTI Expo in Guangzhou, China.

A full list of participating arcades isn’t available at the time of this writing, but the company says more info regarding locations will be coming soon.

As for the West, Beat Games has already penned a deal with Springboard VR to bring Beat Saber to VR arcades across North America and Europe.

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