Pocophone F1 teardown: a closer look at the ‘LiquidCool’ heatpipe and the face scanner

The Pocophone F1 is the center of attention right now, but what makes it tick? A quick teardown video will satisfy our curiosity. There are two areas of interest on this phone that costs a modest €330 in Europe and as low as €260 elsewhere.

First is the premium Snapdragon 845 chipset, which features a “LiquidCool” heatpipe. The pipe takes heat away from the metal heatspreader over the chipset then goes under the battery to connect to the metal backbone of the phone. It may seem like an odd arrangement, but the benchmarks in our review show that it works.

Next up is the IR face scanner, which is made up of components – infrared camera and an illuminator – which are placed right next to the selfie camera and the earpiece. Quite a complicated setup for a phone this affordable.

We’ll wait for the experts to pass judgement but with all those screws and no glue, the Pocophone F1 appears very easy to repair.


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